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Lauren and Joey after a cup-in-hand kickball game in 2014

The active aspect of co-ed sports is a big influence for adults to join a league. However, the social aspect sometimes weighs even heavier on individuals who are seeking a fun, leisurely activity. From being single in the city, to wanting to participate in a group activity with a spouse, adult sports leagues offer a great way to interact and meet new people.

But can you really find love in co-ed sports? When it comes to Baltimore Social, you can.

Before registering for a league, I did some research to get opinions of others who have played. I stumbled across the story of Erin and Matt falling in love playing bocce ball. I remember laughing to myself, thinking “yeah right a relationship in a co-ed league is bound to be botched.” That was until I witnessed a similar scenario first hand.

Lauren and Joey both signed up for the summer cup-in-hand kickball as free agents, meaning they were assigned to a team in need of extra players which happened to be mine. After breaking the ice, the two hit it off the first game and by the third were going on their first date. Two years later, the couple is now planning their wedding. With National Kickball Day coming up on April 21st, these two have a lot to be thankful for.

Crazy right? This real life love story is testament to the impact social sports can have on relationships that are formed playing sports. This sports and singles mesh must pay off for a good amount of people because there are leagues that are dedicated solely to singles!

Co-ed sports also teach those in existing relationships how to bond, build, and grow, similar to what would occur in couples therapy. Some of the best sports to play as a couple include golf, tennis, and bowling.

Finding love in unexpected places can happen! I think it just takes a bit of courage and spontaneity to try new things. Who knows, maybe a softball game could change your entire life.